Issues & Advocacy

Members of the Pile Driving Contractors Association must play a greater and more significant role in informing our elected leaders as to the issues facing our nation and more specifically issues that are impacting our industry, such as infrastructure construction and repair, sustainability, training and other related topics.

In order to have a voice heard by our elected leaders  that can advise them on important issues impacting our industry, the Pile Driving Contractors Association has created this area of our website to enable membership to identify key issues impacting your businesses and our industry.  As these issues are posted on this page or through the "Issues & Advocacy" links to the right, you can select the issues important to you and send pre-designed and formatted letters to your representatives expressing your opinions and offering your guidance.  Through this process, your local, state or federal representative will have a better understanding of how their vote will impact constituents within their jurisdiction.

Please contact the PDCA if you are aware of any pending legislation or committee discussions regarding issues that can or will ultimately impact members of the PDCA that are not listed.  You can reach the PDCA via phone at 904-215-4771; via email,